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The digitization of industry enables the delivery of added value and innovation through software. This promises better use of limited resources and longer machine runtime, as well as innovations during machine runtime through software. Industry 4.0 stands for a sustainable increase in output.

247FactoryNet bridges the gap between mechanical engineering and software as well as between strategy and implementation.
With our expertise in networked industry, we are your partner for Digital Transformation.

Flexible digitalization solutions for

Flexible Digitalisierungs­lösungen für Maschinenbauer und Anlagenbauer

Machine and plant builders

Closer to your customers

You are innovative and develop the best solutions together with your customers. The digital transformation brings great opportunities for this, but also many questions. Take advantage of our experience on your way to the digital future.

We support you to create more benefits for your customers.

Flexible Digitalisierungs­lösungen für Fabrikbetreiber

Factory operators

Focus on your core competencies

You need to be flexible in meeting the requirements of your customers.
To do this, direct your full focus on the value creation processes and use the possibilities of Industry 4.0 for the rest.

We support you in achieving higher machine availability.

Flexible Digitalisierungs­lösungen für Serviceanbieter

Service providers

More range with efficient personnel deployment

Knowhow and available manpower is your business asset and at the same time your bottleneck.

We support you through digitalized knowhow provision and the scaling of your service offerings.

247FactoryNet – Your partner for the digital future

The connected industry is on the rise

Industry 4.0 is characterized by intelligent machines and devices that are permanently networked with each other in the Internet of Things and produce a large amount of data. This gives the life cycle of a machine or plant a completely new meaning. It is the basis for new business models, new providers and new solutions in Industry 4.0. Software and networking are thus becoming the decisive strategic factors in Connected Industry.

Machines become autonomous and platforms for data and services
Machines become autonomous and platforms for data and services

Future machines will not only be smart, but they will also become autonomous through networking and with the help of machine learning. As a result, the machines themselves will know best how to complete an upcoming job or when maintenance needs to be performed. Software-based functions additionally make them adaptive – i.e., they permanently adjust their capabilities to the requirements placed on them.

Service business models dominate Industry 4.0
Service business models dominate Industry 4.0

Service for maintaining and optimizing machines is increasingly being built on digital data from the machines and is thus able to be offered much faster, better and more cost-effectively. In addition, the performance of the machine itself is increasingly becoming a service, giving rise to new business models for Industrie 4.0 such as pay per use. Industrial software is becoming the decisive factor for success.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a differentiating factor in mechanical engineering.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a differentiating factor in mechanical engineering.

Due to the shortage of skilled workers and the generation change, the usage behavior of machines is also changing significantly. Comprehensive user support through digital assistants will prevail in both the productive and ancillary processes of the machine and will determine how efficiently the machine is used. The basis of these digital services is digital data and its processing by artificial intelligence.

The architecture of machines and plants is changing fundamentally
The architecture of machines and plants is changing fundamentally

Due to the increasing importance of data, essential functions of the machine are shifting to the cloud. This not only enables new service business models and faster innovation cycles, but also more efficient operation of machines – benefits that customers will ultimately appreciate. The automation architecture of machines and plants will change fundamentally as a result. Only performance, real-time and safety will remain on the machine. This requires enormous adjustments to the internal development processes at machine and plant manufacturers.

Networked manufacturing will be organized via platforms
Networked manufacturing will be organized via platforms

The value-creation processes in a smart factory are absolutely transparent and recorded in data technology almost in real time. This opens up numerous new opportunities to offer the services provided in agile value creation networks. Various platform economies will emerge in market niches, in which product manufacturers do not necessarily also have to be the operators of the machines. The factory of the future will even host several different operators.

New competition emerges from industrial software solutions
New competition emerges from industrial software solutions

Industrialization 4.0 is driven by software solutions and smart services. As a result, previous innovations in mechanical and plant engineering – such as an improved machine – will largely fall by the wayside. The decisive factor will be how a machine can be integrated into the value creation process. Digital data, artificial intelligence and the corresponding application knowledge play a decisive role here.

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Success in digitization requires more than just good software. Industry 4.0 also requires holistic consulting.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a holistic challenge. In addition to competencies in industrial software development and cloud technologies, it requires above all the right mindset and new approaches. A key challenge of Industrialization 4.0 is therefore to get the people involved to change their thinking. Read more about our comprehensive consulting services in the area of digital transformation here.

Industrial IoT Consulting

Worlds collide not only in OT and IT, but also in machine and software development. We see ourselves as bridge builders between the two worlds and ensure that our customers make optimal use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies for their use cases. The challenges here range from the development of a future-proof IoT architecture for the respective business to technology and partner selection. Read more about our comprehensive Industrial IoT Consulting offering here.

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