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 Take Advantage of Our IoT 247NetKit Modular System for Your Tailor-Made Solution

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  • Short time to market
  • Data and applications under your control

From the Problem to the Finished Software Solution


Task: Networking of a per se not IoT-capable machine with several internal controls for the evaluation of quality data across different locations.


Customer Requirements:

  • Machine networking
  • Data recording and machine learning
  • Remote monitoring
  • Digital service app

Our Solution

We use the building blocks of the IIoT construction kit 247NetKit and create the complete solution according to the customer requirements. Via the NetConnect modules we integrate the data of the machine control, robot control and other process controls. Our standard communication modules are used for machine and robot controls. We develop a customer-specific interface for individual process controls. The integrated data is further processed in the KnowledgeHub as an edge solution and made available as digital twins of the respective production process.

For this purpose, we use our self-developed description technology, which enables us to implement adaptations very easily. Should new requirements arise for the digital twins in the future, they can be easily integrated. Due to the clear focus on industrial IoT applications (IIoT), our components are optimally tailored to the requirements in this area right from the start.

Benefits for Our Customers

Pragmatic solutions with fast implementation

Individual consideration of all requirements

Replacement for expensive licenses

Simple worldwide rollout


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