Our Software Products

Proven solutions – flexible, open and expandable

Benefit from our proven solutions and still remain flexible and independent. Our IIoT 247NetKit is the basis for these products and offers endless possibilities for further development.

Our Software Solutions for Your Business

247 Apps

Adaptable to your needs

247 applications are designed for mobile use or on the desktop and offer first-class usability.


  • The monitoring solution for your machines
  • You have your machinery in the picture at all times
  • No matter whether within the factory or worldwide
  • Can be implemented by the factory operator himself or by machine and plant manufacturers as customer service


  • Your digital machine book
  • Document the life of your machines digitally
  • Use it to build up a digital knowledge pool and thus avoid unplanned downtimes and expensive repairs
  • Make the necessary documents for your machines available, also mobile
  • Document all processes around your machines in multimedia format
  • Simplify communication in incident management
  • Maintain an overview of the maintenance status of your machines

IIoT Solutions

Integration of your machines into the digital world

Network your machines and systems quickly and easily. Maintain control over your digital data.


  • Define your digital twins for your products in a completely flexible way. Machines and processes, your know-how, etc.
  • Stay open for future expansions
  • Collect your digital data. Refine data into digital knowledge and tap into any source – from your IT to your shop floor to your employees.
  • Use digital knowledge for innovative digital services
  • Build amazing AI solutions on your digital knowledge
  • Continue to evolve into a digital leader


  • The edge solution for your digital data
  • Bring your devices/machines easily and efficiently into the cloud
  • Maintain control over the paths of your data and remain independent of different platforms or IoT solutions
  • As a machine builder, you already equip your machines for delivery
    with NetConnect. This allows you to offer your customers a wide range of options and retain control yourself
  • Share data intelligently and in a controlled manner with your partners
  • Equipped as standard with OPC UA and other Ethernet protocols (e.g. S7, ModbusTCP, SRTP). Can be extended to customer specifications if required

Service Platforms

Provision of digital services or business according to your requirements

Get closer to your customers with real-time digital access to your services.


  • Designed as a customer portal or internal service platform
  • The basis for your digital transformation
  • Realized according to individual requirements
  • Needs-based integration of AI and machine learning technologies
  • Optimal integration into your existing IT infrastructure
  • With or without machine connection
  • Permanently expandable due to our information modeling technology

Our Software – Your Advantage

Based on our flexible modular system

Adaptable to your needs and processes

Open and platform-independent

Specially developed for industrial production

Be curious: We are constantly developing our range.

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